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Prologue C.N.F (Must READ)

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Prologue C.N.F (Must READ) Empty Prologue C.N.F (Must READ)

Post by Firebreath on Mon Jan 05, 2015 7:57 pm

C.N.F: Before you ask i wont tell you the meaning of this, its a secret.

Prologue: (First draft, will grow into a bigger story as RP goes one thats how i truly work sry if this bothers some of you)

Earth. Such a nice planet. The year is 23452c.r. The human has begun a new, coming from another World War society starts a new, science lost, everything lost from the previous war setting humanity far enough to use wooden boats again. Kingdoms are rising, a new world age, a new development is arising though. Because of this war certain people are waking up with new powers, new abilities they never had before. Some now use for Evil, others staying invisible. This is the story of the adventures of a group that come together somehow becoming a group.

(I promise the story will grow from this, i have things planned already)

Start creating your characters i already made the character sheet, and your skill sheets you may begin ^^ Chapter will begin once enough characters are made.

Prologue C.N.F (Must READ) ESGIRLM

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